Honesty, live-art intervention at business meeting, 1 minute 30 seconds, 2017
Honesty, various monoprints, 2019


I’ve made prints of honesty, used the dried plant in a seed and word collecting workshop for The Lost Library and the seed featured in a networking breakfast intervention.

I’m interested in how well or poorly an honest approach serves me in life.  I’m also interested in the curiously odd pairing of the two common names: honesty and money plant.

All these things: business, honesty and money and interesting to consider together as they don’t quite sit right.

I simply like the form of honesty and it features in my mono printing workshop series on plants, I’ve found that there are flower essences which are said to have particular qualities and honesty ‘aligns the mind to the abundance of the universe, thereby lifting consciousness above the negative thought patterns centered around poverty and lack.

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