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Grass writing

Grass writing, intervention, 4 x 5m, 2015 

In 2014 I was awarded the first ever Print Shed Artist Residency and in 2015 I had my first solo show there. 


I’d been thinking about ideas around language, communication and misunderstandings and wanted to portray the idea of the landscape and plants having something to say but we are not being able to understand it yet.


The owner of the Print Shed, Jill Barneby gave me free reign of her garden and so I wrote on the leaves of the trees, the bushes and plants in the borders as well as writing across the grass on the lawn, almost letters, almost writing, almost meaningful.

Another layer of this inquiry is understanding the context of whichever environment I find myself in.  With this project I put my own mark on the land to make visible a communication that is elusive to me.  

What is the grass, the trees, the plants and the landscape trying to tell us?

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