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Stone writing

Stone writing, various, stones from the Gavenny river, 2014 

In summer 2013 I visited Newquay and in an estuary I wrote in watercolour on one of the stones, then pondered in my blog that my writing would soon be erased by the incoming tide.


From this blog entry on a-n I was invited to show in an exhibition by Jayne Lloyd called w0budong - an exhibition of text without meaning and so I revisited the idea of writing and stones and discovered that Cornwall and Abergavenny share the same geological layer…of red sandstone clay, that was laid down in the Devonian period when the sea was retreating from the Welsh basin.


I explored the rocks of Abergavenny and found curious two-tone quality, sometimes with writing like lines at other times spots.  I pieced the writing found within the stones, forming a line of text, trying to put back together the writing that had been laid down millions of years ago.

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