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​​My paintings infuse my tangled known and imagined languages of humans, plants and of our changing relationship with the landscape through two series of paintings: lifeforce and word collection.

My word collection series are experimental paintings emerging from an exploration of the intersections between visual and verbal. Through this collection of works I am also deepening my interest in the rituals, systems and processes of creating art. 


Beginning with a desire to bathe myself in ignorance, I gravitated towards words as containers of knowledge and meaning, sometimes outside my grasp.The paintings emerge from exposure to a word at its inception. I use language as a catalyst to generate ocular imagery.  Using limitations, boundaries and a system/ritual to create something visual, allowing access to knowing and knowledge. 


My lifeforce series overlaps my interest in movement, landscape and understanding that is also present in my Lost Library project, involving bodily movement and reflection to access deeply held knowledge.  (The Lost Library embraces an expanded concept of a library, connecting textual inquiry with tangible exploration, engaging with somatic experiences and written correspondence.)


I see my painting as a way to access innate knowledge I am not, on the surface, aware of.  


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