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  • Catherine Wynne-Paton

dreamgarden characters

And so, on the sixth session of the Thursday morning Art Group, with the starting point of what they would each like more in their future, in this final session led by me it was all about bringing the painted garden collage together, arranging it and naming the characters.

After heated discussions about names, with brilliant suggestions all round, we now have the following characters featured in the dreamgarden, in order of appearance (left to right): Karen, the shed leaping dancer. Meow Tom Kitten, who is clearly in charge.

Big Foot, the monster truck, adding a fantastic atmosphere of excitement and expectation.

McMuffin, the small blue-eyed white cat, whose powers are often mistakenly underestimated. Hugo, the wren, perches lost on a lamp post and tweets in his giant voice about how he can navigate the New World even while asleep.

Cedric, the hare is delighted by his newly found fame with visitors to Craig Cerrig-gleisiad in the Fforest Fawr section of the Brecon Beacons National Park. Ernest, the gardener, whose lawn has got rather out of control with No Mow May. Shanti, the contemporary dancer, rejoicing in the natural world by dancing barefoot. And the Garden Bumblebees, out to find their favourite drinking spots: teasels, foxgloves, and cowslips. Tenacious, well-organised and social, doing the essential work to continue the cycle of life.

The group's collage is now up in the Mardy Park resource centre for everyone to enjoy!

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