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  • Catherine Wynne-Paton

feelings & dreamgardens

The session today began with a conversation around neurodiversity and differences in emotional reaction. Some people reckon they don’t feel anything. Perhaps the cultural expectations of how one should look, behave and feel can contribute to a disconnection between thought and feeling. I wonder if we are conditioned by what we see in the media to believe that we ‘should’ experience and express our sadness, joy and everything in between in particular ways and therefore we might question if we feel things at all or correctly when what we experience seems unusual.

If we don’t trust how we feel or don’t know how to strengthen our mind-body connection, then we miss the vital intelligence that is sometimes so quiet it goes unheeded. If we slow down our pace and tune into ourselves regularly and just pay attention to the sensations we have, it can enhance self-awareness.

In this series of Growing Space workshops, we are discussing what we want more of in our lives and drawing and painting some of these things.

It is a real privilege to be able to do this.

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