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PaperFields London

PaperFields is the name of a touring exhibition of outstanding art from a group of highly motivated emerging artists Kate Morgan-Clare, Jack Clough, Rosie Daffern, Daisy Rickards, Ethan Seaton, Alex Weaver and Catherine Wynne-Paton (curator).

The first exhibition was at R.K. Burt & Co Gallery in October 2014 presenting new works on paper, including delicate paper sculptures by Kate Morgan-Clare, intense internal landscapes of Jack Clough,  dynamic portraits by Alex Weaver, illustrations by Rosie Daffern, ethereal Cyanotypes of haunting Welsh landscapes by Ethan Carey Seaton, aurally active sculpture by Daisy Rickards and textually messy paintings by Catherine Wynne-Paton.

R. K. Burt & Co is the largest UK paper merchant specialising in the wholesale distribution of paper for the fine art market.

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